Why do retailers succeed?

  1. Their store’s are easy to shop and beautifully displayed.
  2. They understand who their customer is and they buy the merchandise she/he loves.
  3. They are well known for excellence in customer service.
  4. They measure performance and take actions to change it.
  5. Through intentional action, they have a consistent, positive cash flow.
  6. Their balance sheet is balanced.
  7. They control expenses.
  8. They  manage gross profit by category and have a clear understanding of what items are most profitable.
  9. They have just enough inventory in each category, being careful not to over or under buy.

At Summit View Retail Solutions, we teach how to merchandise and display your greatest asset – your inventory. We also specialize in customer service training.  To ensure consistency in customer service, performance must be measured and we provide the tools and insight to do just that.  Accountability training is also available, ensuring that the leadership team in your business handles issues as they arise, boosting productivity of your entire team.  

Your inventory is one of your greatest expenses and its management must be a priority.  As affiliates for Management One, we utilize the Retail Orbit merchandise planning systems, which help retailers like you become more profitable by helping you to manage each facet of your business. On average, companies who live by the strategies created through this planning process increase their profitability up to 20% in the first year.