Leadership – Although many may think otherwise, none of us was born to lead.  Leadership skills are learned behaviors.  Leaders have integrity, influence, and an ability to create a vision that others are motivated to follow.  Leaders must be able to prioritize activities to make the vision reality. Leaders also inspire change as needed, working with their team, appreciating each person’s unique gifts, talents, and insights. A leader must have an inspiring attitude and realize that his team follows his lead even on the worst of days.  A leader must be knowledgeable enough to solve problems and work through his team in the process; which establishes credibility.  

Leadership behavior is best measured through employees or followers (Daniels & Daniels, 2007).  Do your followers deliver toward your goals?  Do they make sacrifices without being asked?  Do they try to change behaviors of others to reach a common goal? Are they accountable to themselves, knowing that the leader would approve?   Employee engagement is measurable and can open your eyes as to how your behavior influences performance of others.

Training – Does your team live your mission? An in depth analysis will measure if employees are prepared to carry out your company’s mission with the training you provide.

Motivation – Are you looking for new ways to motivate your team?  Puzzled about how to motivate a Gen Y or Gen X employee?  How do you measure successful interactions with customers? What rewards are in place to reward your team for positive behavior and results?

Performance Management – Do your employees have performance issues that need to be addressed?  Are you afraid they may leave if you do address issues?  It may be worse if you do nothing and they stay.  When was the last time you reviewed your employees?  How do you retain great employees?  

Recruiting Talent – Where do you find talented employees?  How do you remain competitive in the marketplace? What makes an employee want to work for/with you?  What benefits are available or should be considered?

What do we charge for this analysis/guidance?

Depends upon the situation and is billed by the hour, unless you have chosen our monthly planning service.