We will analyze your business and help guide you through the process of becoming more profitable.

Every new client receives a free one hour consultation about their business. During this time, we listen.  Really listen. And we learn about your struggles and what we can do to help you improve your current business.

Store Assessment

Even the best stores may need to get a different perspective once in a while.  We provide an impartial assessment of potential opportunities that may exist in your store, in the following areas:

  • Your brand
  • Your team/employees
  • Target customer
  • Location
  • Visual presentation/merchandising
  • Merchandise and how it matches target customer – selection/quantity/out of stocks/sizing, etc.
  • Marketing strategy
  • Customer service
  • Store operations
  • Competition
  • Overall experience

What do you get from this assessment?

A complete report that identifies your store’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in comparison to your key competitors. Recommendations for improvement, as well as high level strategies and ongoing solutions.

What do you pay?

This depends on the size and number of locations of the retailer.   We offer a complimentary business analysis once we receive confidential financial information from each client.