About Us


Who are we?

After spending over 30 years in the specialty women’s and men’s apparel business, most recently as a Regional Vice President, responsible for $120 million in sales and over 110 store locations, Annette Pedersen decided to take her passion for training and retail knowledge to independent retailers throughout the United States.  Recently graduating with her Masters in Organizational Leadership, she has much to teach and share with her clients.  Her focus is on leading teams to success through providing vast knowledge from analytic and industry knowledge. She also can relate firsthand with independent retailers because she owns her own women’s boutique, carrying current women’s fashion and better women’s consigned fashion and accessories.  

Summit View Retail Solutions can provide answers to your many questions and can help provide the guidance needed for you to become a very profitable retailer. Our key goal is to ensure financial security for the many retailers whom we support.  To enable us to achieve this goal, we partner closely with Management One a premier inventory planning and forecasting company.  They provide inventory planning to retailers around the world, through highly trained retail experts, like Annette and her team.  A positive culture and specified attention to products and customers makes Management One the premier choice for merchandise planning.

Who are WE?

We are entrepreneurs like you.

We are dedicated to your success

We are great problem solvers

We are amazing teachers 

We are retailers like you, experienced in how to overcome obstacles and challenges.

We provide road maps for the future and your success

Contact us:

Summit View Retail Consulting

Castle Rock, CO 80109




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